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Nora Story ns from Mokovi on Vimeo.

Here are a FEW of the benefits Mokovi has to offer:

  • 1

    Basic and Advanced Training Modules

    Every language learner is at a different skill level, so Mokovi offers training modules that cater to everyone-from the very beginning Spanish speaker to the close to fluent learner. There is something for everyone here.

  • 2

    Learn Spanish in context

    Remembering vocabulary is much easier when you learn it in the context of a real conversation. Every month we bring you new stories and tutorials so that you are always adding something new to your Spanish tool kit.

  • 3

    Learn through Stories of Real People

    Human brains are wired to learn through stories. We remember better when we connect emotionally to a story. It takes language learning from an abstract concept to a concrete experience connected to a real person. Remember: the main goal of language learning is communicating ideas!

  • 4

    Choose your own path

    Choose from different options to personalize your learning. When watching one of our stories, you decide what video to watch first. Each module offers versions of the story with Spanish and English subtitles, as well as tutorials, mini clips for beginning students and bonus footage for advanced learners.

  • 5

    Get the encouragement you need

    It is very hard to learn alone. By becoming a Mokovi member, you will immediately be part of a community of people who are passionate about learning languages and interacting with people of other cultures. This will give you the support you need to enjoy the process and achieve your goals.

Carla-pelicula favorita from Mokovi on Vimeo.