Get Confident at Speaking Spanish

Anyone can become conversational in Spanish. Our mission is to help you practice Spanish every day so that you are never afraid of speaking Spanish again.

Start practicing now!

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  • Real Conversations

    Our program makes you feel like you are having conversations with a Spanish-speaking neighbor while a friend gives you short-cuts and tips to follow along.

  • Simple Tutorials

    We know that you like learning from people not computers. This is why we introduce Spanish grammar through easy to understand conversations in the context of stories.

  • Helpful Feedback

    To stay motivated you need to interact with other Spanish speakers. Join our private conversation group and have real Spanish conversations with other learners every day.

A Real Learning Community

We created this platform to help you practice Spanish, have a place to ask questions and feel supported. With the help of a great team of educators, every week we bring you something new to keep you motivated to learn.

Speak from Day One

You know how difficult it is to learn Spanish. Sometimes if feels like all you do is memorize words. It doesn't have to be that way! We will guide you step-by-step so that you can start speaking Spanish in the first week.

More affordable than a tutor

Think of us an online private coach that helps you practice Spanish every day. Membership gives you access to an evolving collection of Spanish stories, tutorials, interviews and tools to make learning Spanish fun and simple.

Created for non-techies

Learning online can feel difficult and lonely.With this in mind we created a membership community that feels more like a live conversation class than language learning software.

Be in charge of your learning

We work hard to help you stay motivated and curious. Start your day with a quick tutorial or set aside a couple of hours to get through a whole story. You get to decide!

"It always seems impossible until it is done."

- Nelson Mandela

Online Spanish Designed for Speaking


¡Hola! I'm Valeria, the founder of Mokovi. For many years, students in my classes have been telling me the same thing: "I learn best when I am immersed in the Spanish language". Since not everybody can move to another country to learn a second language, I set out to create the program I wish was available to my students.

My priority was to develop:

  • Stories of real people having simple conversations.
  • A variety of tools and activities to avoid boredom.
  • Opportunities to practice using Spanish every day.

I finally found a way to bring the Spanish immersion experience to learners in their own homes. Mokovi is a supportive environment where you can transition from learning alone with books to having real conversations in Spanish.